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The Sexy Hair Bun

Found via lowjakarenmanica on Instagram
My brother’s fiancée’s bun I did. 
One of the best hairsprays I’ve used


Hair buns are sexy. I used to wear them a lot until my hair started acting out and losing itself. Literally.
The whole idea of looking like a school librarian, as a friend recently noted, is interesting. I don’t even equate modern day bun styles to what our elementary school teachers used to rock. Tho, my very clear memory of the best bun ever was my 6th grade teacher, Mrs. Jackson, who had the baddest bun there ever was. I wish I could show you. Almost three decades later and I still remember her daintiness and perfectly coiled blond do.
It seems to stil be the do to go to for evening and romantic fetes. Now that my hair’s starting to behave again, I’m defaulting to a super relaxed top-of-my-head bun; nothing fancy or perfectly spun. But even if I wanted to, I couldn’t come up with these looks I recently came across, all bookmarked for reference for when my hair does get back to its fabulous state of fullness and thickness…. the curls are back– 80%. Hurray!
I found this releaxed, but romantic lower bun on Instagram and loved it so much I shared with a girlfriend whose head of curls is enviable. The only issue is having to pull my hair super straight which I’m against for the time being.

And, I love buns so much, I did my brother’s fiancées lovely golden hair into a higher bun for a wedding they were attending. Her hair is really long but super thing so using the right prods to keep it in place with plastering it, was key.

And then there’s this clean look Zoe Saldana rocked during the Golden Globes a couple of months ago. She right there is so pretty. And any hairstyle on her looks great. But the bun, especially with the Prabal Gurung frock she wore, was the perfect look to go for. Sadly for me, I’m still in the regrowth stage of my hair.. (oh, enjoy the chronicling of it here and here) so  I’m not so ready to pull off such a slick look. It’d require me to straighten my hair with heat, which I can’t just yet. BUT, when I do, oh when I do, I will be slicking my curls back to tight. Nothing like a clean pulled back look.
L’Oreal, the motherload of all perfect everyday prods, has some amazing hair products to create that upgraded Librarian vibe. From the frizz vanisher cream to start, all the way to the fabulous (have used and loooooved, especially for TV) the Elnett satin hairspray, the Advanced Hairstyle line gives you control, sleekness, and tames those flyways so you don’t have to worry about constantly combing back. I mean, after all, the point of this do is so that you don’t have to touch it up!
Spring is officially here and humid days are among us! Wear those curls back and up, girls!

Eat well, love unapologetically, pray with true intention, and take care of yourself.

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