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Traveling Routines… My Hotel Bathroom

(All pictures © Bren Herrera)

If still in St. Croix attending the amazing Food and Wine Experience which spans the entire week, topped off by a super sexy Taste event at Divi Bay Carina Resort last night. And can I tell you… you must make your way here! It’s my 2nd time here for the same event and it simply does not fail. The weather is perfect, the people are extremely nice, and the culture is a fantastic break from the high speed race I live in and usually am comfortable with, a la DC and New York. Plus it’s just sexy.

My days have been extended with some lush sights and glutunnous eating (because if I go too long w/out food, I kind of get irritable!) and require me to pack a bag with everything I’ll need for 12 hours of trekking. But since my itinerary is so diverse, ranging from fancy dinners and coastal farm visits to ATVing it up in the “rain forest, ” my attire, accessories and overall look has to switch up. And that means I have to do the bag switcharoo every night.

My mornings start in the bathroom where I asses my look for the day. I thought I’d be able to easily sift through what I thought was minimal jewelry and makeup… I didn’t fare so well this trip, but a great improvement from my last hops. I couldn’t really make it without these. No matter how chill the trip. 3 nail polishes for a week? Clearly, a bit too much, but fun to have just in case. The bronzer from Estée’s new line. Love. Love. Some under eye makeup since I’m not sleeping enough… loving the creamy one by CoverGirl.  And Bobbi Brown’s longwear cream shadow stick in Bark is the best thing I could apply for a natural look all day. It gave me some color in my eye without looking like I had dolled up to  walk the island.

Since I over-did it again, I decided to make use the huge bathroom space and hang jewelry on wall mirrors, use the wine glasses to hold the 20 rings or so (because who really needs 20 rings for 9 days and stick my brushes in the tumblers. If you think about it, it’s totally practical to make use of the your entire hotel room especially if you’re staying for 6 nights.

This is one example of a light day’s goodies that I carry. A mish-mosh of lipsticks and gloss, my favorite mascara, earpiece (because I’m still working), and jewelry I ended up sliding off.

The only way I’ve justified bringing all this stuff, probably more than necessary, is that it keeps me connected to my own space and place. It’s lovely being on the road, seeing the world, but nothing like holding on to your comfy spot. Silly, but my things that help keep my routine somewhat normal, make an extended stay that much better!

What are your must-haves when traveling, short or long stays?

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