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Trying To Get My Mojo Back & My Birthday!

I love fashion. That’s not news to anyone in my world. They all know it. They all comment on it. I love shoes. I have over 200 (a skim number in comparison to other fashionistas). I love hats. I have about 150 (a generous number for today’s era of lost demure). And, I love jewelry. I wear tons of vintage and my mom’s line just about every day. I love black blazers. I love thrifting. I love shopping overseas. I love Chanel.
It’s a big part of who I am. But, aren’t most women made up like that?! 😉
So, what happened to the blog? Well, a superbly failed attempt at giving a young college student an opportunity to channel her very youthful and emerging fashion sense with an internship with my company, caused me to fall back on the fashion talk and depend on my money-making career: Food and writing. Fashion is just a passion that I share because I love it. It makes me smile and tingle inside.
Even my on-line boutique took a back seat. But, I’m back! A full throttle photo shoot for fall/winter inventory took place this week and oh joy how amazing was it all! I can’t wait to get all the pieces up in less than two three weeks!
To that end, I am committed to build this with or without help. Period. It’s just that simple. After visiting some awesomely delicious fashion blogs in the last 3 weeks, I think I’ve found my inspiration. Some of you gals just got it down!
And, I’m in!

This will be a slight challenge only because of time, but I’m looking forward to documenting my Coco Chanel, my Lena Horne and all others that have shaped fashion. Thank goodness for my awesome  photographer who’ll be helping capture my daily ensembles, shopping outings, vintage finds, and mom’s jewelry line development. It’ll be so much fun!
I’ll start with the fab time I had celebrating my birthday last week at the uber sexy  St. Regis hotel in Atlanta!
I decided to go for a more sophisticated look that worked well, but in retrospect it would have been much more fun to wear a mini skirt, colored tights and a cape coat!

Hope to see you back and make a new fashion friend in you! 🙂

(read about the celebration here, on my culinary musing blog!)


F21 ruffle top//BR skinny jeans//H&M cropped jacket/designer cocktail hat//bendable gold necklace found in Manhattan//Aldo pumps//gold web earrings I designed//murano glass cocktail ring from Monaco//Swarovski bracelets by C.B. Herrera mixed with vintage glass bangles.

Eat well, love unapologetically, pray with true intention, and take care of yourself.

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3 thoughts on “Trying To Get My Mojo Back & My Birthday!

  1. Thanks Bren, for the fresh and entertaining blog! You've yet again, elevated your style to a whole new level, setting the bar pretty high. I'm going to keep reading and taking notes – I love it!:-)

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