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What Grocery Shopping on the Fly Looks Like

I’m a food columnist. And a private chef. Among other fashionable things here and there, I find myself being asked to produce last minute recipes and stories.

This means a super quick change of plans and jumping out of my pj’s–cuz that’s what I work in during the day until something pressing comes about.

Or a cute UPS guy comes to my door, in which case I have a stash of light make up at my desk. I’ll share a view from my home office real soon and then you’ll understand!

Well, this last minute change of plans happened to me yesterday at 2pm; right smack in the middle of my lazy hour. I had 2 hours to go shopping and come back to start making something fabulous.

Getting dressed for the wanna be fall day went like this.

Size and style of bag is important when out doing these things. I never know what I’m going to have to throw in there. In this case, my camera since I tend to snap pics of really great fresh food at the market.

This one meets my fancy just right.

My really old loung-y pants (with a hole in the butt–for real) are too long for me so I was *forced* to wear some fab wedges.

And, because I was on a serious time crunch to hit up 3 stores, including a craft spot, I had to make sure a large enough time piece kept me on track. My iPhone clock just doesn’t cut it!

I ran out of time and couldn’t muster enough energy to take any more pics. I was already getting crazy looks as I sat in my car outside of Costco and played around with this shot above.

The average person just doesn’t get it!

I’m so excited that all my cooking and recipe tasting turned out yummy and satisfied my appetite. I was just pooped to no end when it all ended at 3 am.

Just another day in the life of a fashionable foodie!

Benetton pants//charity shirt//Donna Karen Sport zip-up//Gap belt//Aldo wedges//NY Hat Co. newsboy cap//Regina distressed leather shoulder bag//Kenneth Cole watch//vintage and new silver rings//Guess hoops//vintage fringed scarf//Betsey Johnson cats eye shades.

*all shots are self-photographed*

Next: Photo shoot Part 1 for B So Chic! fall inventory

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3 thoughts on “What Grocery Shopping on the Fly Looks Like

  1. Bren you are the medic to my fashion emergency! As a designing mom I fall short when dressing on the fly!!! Thanks so much for this relevantly-stylish post:-)

  2. Anarnia: thanks so much! I hope to inspire you some more. keep coming back. it&#39;s all great fun! <br /><br />Anonymous: Love it, too! Thanks so much! Will you see your anonymity again?

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