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7 Simple and Classy Decorating Ideas for Your Thanksgiving Dinner Table

This post originally appeared on Dean & DeLuca’s ‘Gourmet Blog’ where I used to contribute weekly. 

One of the conundrums associated with all things Holiday, is how to decorate your home. If it’s dinner time, the table is always the center of attention and requires a lot of creative energy.  If you’re into the sprit as much as I am, you’re all about the warmth, the colors, the coziness and the seasonal flare!

With Thanksgiving being one week away, table settings and plating styles consume my thoughts while I peruse cuisine and style magazines for that ultimately delicious looking table scape. I’ve decorated plenty dinner tables, from as small enough for 2 to as large for 20. But the energy and excitement into creating a lovely dining experience is always the same. My goal is to leave my guests (be it family or friends) feeling special with a picturesque memory of how lavish and inviting the table was.

It always makes the meal that much more delicious!

If you’re entreating and hosting Thanksgiving next week, here are 7 easy, yet stunning ideas to designing a fabulous dinner table. Using nature’s offerings, vibrant seasonal fruits which you can pick up at any of the Dean & DeLuca market’s, and a bit of our personal touch, will get you started!

1. Use white, high thread count linens and napkins for your table, whether rectangular style or round. This will offer a clean canvas to build on.

2. Even if you don’t eat them, buy lovely and unblemished pomegranates to spread throughout your table. You can pick up fresh ones at your local Dean & DeLuca market.

3. Personalized name settings. Take advantage of the falling foliage! Use fresh leaves as name plates for your guest’s settings. Make leaf shaped name cards using the fresh leaf as your blueprint, leaving about 1/2″ clearance. Print the names of your guests on the card stock and glue the card to the front of the leaf. Place the stem of the leaves on place holders!  Note: Choose colors that will compliment your theme and add warmth. Amber and mauve schemed are great colors that will add contrast to the pomegranates. Preserve them in a moistened paper towel and place in a plastic bag until you are ready to use. Alternatively,  spread the fresh leaves throughout the table. This will give a rustic yet festive feel to your indoor dinner.

4. Buy a wheat bundle and place in a 4-6″ high white ceramic  vase or planter.  Cut 4-5″ off the stems to create a full looking arrangement. Add and arrange  long stems of plastic cranberry twigs throughout. Center this vase or planter on your table and arrange vases around it.  See number 7 below.

5. Use fall colored grosgrain ribbon to tie bows on your silverware. Orange is a great color to go with stainless steel flatware.  It’s simple and will add a delightful touch.

6. Serve your colorful dishes like cranberry chutney in white bowls. Place smaller bowls with side dishes or condiments on tiers of bricks. I like to spray paint mine in shimmery gold or silver! This will add height and create depth.

7. Color infused floating votives and flowers. Fill small to medium sized crystal vases halfway with water. Add fresh arils from extra pomegranates. They will sink to the bottom of vase. Alternate every vase with white serenity orchids or baby’s breath and cranberry tea light candles. Line the center of the table with your vases.

Share your design ideas in the comment area below! I’d love to hear from you!

Check out my column in Dean & Deluca’s ‘Gourmet Blog’ here to see my ideas! I’d love to hear yours so feel free to share!

Eat well, love unapologetically, pray with true intention, and take care of yourself.

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