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Who Wants to Personally Meet Joël Robuchon With Me in NY?!?! Major Contest!

Monaco Metropole Hotel  

(Hotel Metropole, Monte Carlo, Monaco)

Many of you know I was in Monaco earlier this year doing some incredible foodie things. For 9 days I pretended to be among the bourgeoisie and indulge in all kinds of exquisite fru-fru’s—like $8 cappuccinos and penny slots at the Monte Carlo casino! I was fortunate enough to visit The Fairmont Hotel and eat at L’Argentine Grill. The amazing and most flirtatious executive chef, Maryon Gandon, invited me in his kitchen to cook with him. I owe you a thorough post on that visit, which will include a fabulous behind the scenes video. He even shared the most decadent ketchup recipe I was asked to tease you with!

The Fairmont was all that and a bag of fresh figs, but my visit to Hotel Metropole was on another level! Another recount I owe you guys, because if I didn’t you wouldn’t be inspired to take a trip to the Principality. That being said, The Metropole has to be the finest and most grandiose hotel I’ve spent significant time in (notwithstanding my sip and people watching tryst at Hotel de Paris, right around the corner). The décor was old French, yet, included some pop culture imagery. But, that’s not what appealed to my senses. My purpose of visiting The Metropole was to do a brief, but very engaging cooking demo at, get this: Joël Robuchon’s restaurant. I GASP! Yes, yes ya’ll I had the distinct opportunity to go into his kitchen and cook with his executive chef, Christopher Cussac, whom may I add, bears 2 Michelin stars! The goal was to do the cooking demo with Mr. Robuchon himself, but I flew out the day he flew into Monaco, leaving me wanting to meet the man himself.

Fairmont Hotel Monaco Chef Gandome

(Chef Gandon and me at the Fairmont, wait til you see what he made me!)

Chef Cussac and his young team of cooks and sous chefs were admirable and extremely passionate in their work. They epitomized dedication and ethic and were very generous with me. Without getting into much more detail on that visit and what we prepared, I will simply tell you to come back in October for the full post and video (I also ate at YOSHI, another one of Robuchon’s concepts). It was absolutely amazing, to the say least! I mean come on, I was IN THE KITCHEN, by myself, of Joël Robuchon , in Monte Carlo!

Monaco Metropole Hotel diningroom

(formal dining room inside Joël Robuchon Restaurant, Hotel Metropole)

Metropole Hotel Joel Robuchon Kitchen

(interior of Joël Robuchon Kitchen)

Hotel Metropole Monaco Chef Cussac

(Chef Cussac and me smelling what we were going to make, Joël Robuchon kitchen, Monte Carlo)

But, if you know me, you know that I left with a sense of being incomplete and wanting more! I really wanted to have met the “French Chef of the Century.” The French cuisine master, whom alone boasts 25 Michelin stars! So, I got to work and made it happen.

(pic from NY Restaurant Insider)

On September 29th and 30th, I will be in NY, visiting with the man himself! I have been invited to personally meet Mr. Robuchon at his restaurant in Manhattan! Are you gasping yet? I am! Just me and him.  Just me and him. I FAINT.


But, I can’t do this by myself, this time! Well, yes I can, but I want to share!! Another chef friend of mine, already in NY, will be joining me for this exclusive visit, mostly to play interpreter. And because my dear friend Zen Chef (@zenchef) thinks Joel Robuchon is god himself, I had to invite him!

This is what I need though. I need and want ONE person to play my assistant during the visit! I need someone to help me pretty much just stay composed and not pee on myself while I interview and watch with Mr. Robuchon! I can not afford to walk out of there looking like a complete douche and inexperienced “chef.” I need a competent and sassy team, pretty much!

So, do you want to be my assistant for the day!?!? If you want to me that one lucky person that meets me and gets to be in Robuchon’s restaurant at the elite Four Seasons in Manhattan, then let me know!

What you have to do:

  • You must already be in NYC, or close enough to be there on Wed. 9/30/09 at 9 am. (maybe next time I’ll be rich enough to fly someone out!)
  • Leave a comment on this post telling me what you know about Mr. Robuchon.
  • Tell a friend and if they leave a comment indicating you sent them, you will earn an additional entry.
  • Tweet it! It’s simple! Tweet “Meet Joel Robuchon W/ @brenherrera contest on flanboyanteats.com (so I can see it) and you’ll get an additional entry! That’s 3 chances to enter to win!
  • Entries will be accepted until September 25th. I will then choose one lucky person, randomly!
  • GO!

Lastly, if you don’t know who Robuchon is, well, then I suggest you go back to your library and do some serious research! You don’t have to be trained chef, or even a French cuisine cook to know who this food idol is! If you do watch Top Chef, he appeared recently, tasting food the contestants made for him in his own restaurant! The same one I’m going to cook in! Did you see the way some of them reacted to finding out they were going to be cooking for him! Yeah, that pretty much sums up how I feel! Only I’m flayling off in Spanish, while polishing up on my French.

I hope you’ll appreciate this incredible opportunity to meet the world’s most renowned French chef! It just doesn’t get any better for a Cuban gal like me!

Eat well, love unapologetically, pray with true intention, and take care of yourself.

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19 thoughts on “Who Wants to Personally Meet Joël Robuchon With Me in NY?!?! Major Contest!


    i’m over here swooning for you!! it’s times like these when i wished i lived in new york…

    …and had better knife skills – LOL!

    good luck!


  2. I’m a huge fan of Chef Robuchon. I’ve been working my way through his cookbook The Complete Robuchon for a few months now. He’s a genius at creating perfectly balanced flavours.

    You’re going to have a fantastic time!

  3. My French language skills notwithstanding, I’m afraid my cooking credentials (or rather lack thereof) disqualify me 🙁
    Si seulement je fut un chef, ou au moins un sous-chef!

    I hope you find the perfect assistant for this most important gig.

    Have a ball!!

  4. The name Joel Robuchon, aka chef of the century really speaks for itself. Anyone who’s ever eaten at L’Atelier knows! Looking forward to winning. Let me know if you want a winning cocktail as well to complement the flavors of your dish!

  5. I agree with Zen Chef – Joel Robuchon is a god himself! I had dinner at his restaurant at Las Vegas (5 mobil stars & 3 michelin stars) and it got our only perfect 10 rating so far! His food is just on a whole different level than any other chefs. I wish I was in New York 🙁 If there is any way I could be there, I will come back and leave another message. You are so lucky that you will get to meet him!

  6. God luck girl, I live very far from NY to help you been your assistant, but at the end I’m not that unlucky since we have a Robuchon in town (Macau’s) and an Atelier just 45 min from here (HK).

    hugs, mucha suerte and hope you teach Monsieur Robuchon how to cook with sabor y mucha azucar mi reina!!!!!!!!

  7. Too bad it’s not here in the Atl–I would of liked to help you out–or you could fly me up there for the day 🙂

  8. I hope I qualify! I live in New York… I love food, love to cook, and can take direction. Would be a pleasure to be a part of your team!

  9. Oops, have to complete the task… Joel Robuchon has a very fancy place at Caeser’s Palace in Las Vegas (among other locations). Though the closest I got to sampling was when a friend of mine shared her petit fours the next day with me!

  10. Joel Robuchon is an absolute genius!! He takes such care and great pride in his food. It would be an absolute honor to meet him. Congratulations on this coup!

  11. Forgive my ignorance… I don’t know who Joel Robuchon is, but I guess this is something really BIG! Felicidades Brenda! I just saw one of your videos and I’m still shocked! You talk so fast and the recipe was so easy and super :D. I loved it!

  12. I see a rising star on the horizon….What a rush and a privilege to meet “THE” Top Chef let alone have him cook for you and you for him! Knock ’em dead! Can’t wait! 😉

  13. Dear Bren,

    I was directed to you from our mutual friend Leah Cooper, who sent me to your fabulous site and this amazing opportunity/contest!

    It would be an understatement to say I would absolutely LOVE to meet you and of course Joël Robuchon. As an aspiring food writer, a home cook and a lover of all things food and fine dining, it would be a dream to meet the “Chef of the Century.” While we all know that Robuchon has more Michelin stars than ANY other chef, it’s probably most important to recognize why Robuchon has gathered the kinds of accolades that he has: perfectionism, and a truly relentless attention to the ingredients themselves. He celebrates what many of us admire in French food today: a balancing act between the indulgences and excesses of traditional French fare and a fresher, more modern, even minimalistic sensibility.

    I live in New York City and would absolutely LOVE to come with you next Wednesday morning to meet Robuchon. I promise I will be poised and engaged — and will not, under any circumstances, allow you to pee yourself. On that you have my word.

    This is truly the opportunity of a lifetime and I would love to share it with you. Thanks for considering me, and a huge thank you to Leah for turning me on to your fabulous blog!

    Esther Brown

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