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{Beauty Bloom} TV Prep Makeup Looks

Host of CBS’s “Atlanta Plugged In” and me after our 1st set

Every now and then I have to do my own makeup for appearances. Just every now and then. And when I do, I tend to freak out, tho only initially. I love having my makeup up done, but over the years I’ve come to quasi master a technique and look that works for me for any situation. I try my best to go light, but I’ve mentioned before how much of a makeup junkie I am.

I follow trends, new looks, runway face charts, colors, etc… but when I’m stuck on something, there’s little that’ll get me to break from that regiment. And with all the reviews I get to do, I always find something that screams “amazing!” Mostly, it’s a foundation that did a super magical trick…that’s been L’Oreal’s True Match line for the last 2.5 years or so.

But a break is good. Real good. So when my MUA in Atlanta had to cancel last minute before 3 appearances, I threw a little sparkle dust, thanking myself for always, always carrying a bountiful stash of goodies JUST.IN.CASE.

For a simple look but natural look that would cover up the blemishes (that monthly “attack”is such a mother!”) I quickly played around with a few new prods which I’m now fully loving on. They did every bit of the trick and more.

For priming, I stared with Lancome‘s ‘La Base’ primer. The bomb.dot everything! Silky and just perfect. If I had to, I’d wear it everyday. It literally gives you (at least the wrinkle-free, closed pore skin type) a lovely smooth canvas to work with.  I’m obsessed.  Laura Mercier‘s foundation primer was everything, too. Creamy, but light with a noticeable slither of shimmer created a lovely starting base of makeup. It was fluffy soft and evened really well. Much lighter than L’Oreal’s True Match which I never thought I’d be able top. I applied with my index and middle finger an it was good. Wondering if a foundation wedge would work better. But, it worked so well, I didn’t need foundation, per se. L’oreal’s True Match Crayon remains to be my daily go-to for under eye coverage and any one rebellious brown spot that won’t lighten.

For that segment, I used Laura Mercier‘s Golden Bronze pressed powder. It’s not mineral based, but it also applied super evenly and didn’t cake up. It’s funny how we stick to what know and is easy but not until we try something totally different, do we realize so many other options can work well. I’m loving this combo by LM. Their blush brush is perfect for any of their bronzers. I used a lighter bronzer just to touch up some areas that needed some highlight.

I’m still good and faithful to Estée Lauder‘s eye shadow palette form about 2 falls ago. Love it. Great colors that won’t ever go out of style. But their latest Pure Color palettes are great for every day w/out looking intentional. This shade set worked well since I wanted to go bolder on my lip. So the eyes were tamed down but still I created a bit of creasing.

I love focusing on my eyes, though. So if I don’t go hard on the shadow, I’m all about some great eye liner and mascara. No can do without mascara. Bobbi Brown‘s Kohl liner and Aerin‘s new fall ’15 collection has a lovely liner in “Essential Brown” — more on her new line later… it’s gorg. L’Oreal’s mascara never fails me, even if I wear falsies, so I stick to that! I went with their butterflies effect one. Loved it, but not as much as their Voluminous stick.

And for lips, EL’s Pure Envy full line is robust and rich-colored. The “Intense Nude” was great as a base was a bit too matte for TV…Thank goodness for I happened to be carrying Artistry Beauty‘s “Plum Glaze” lip gloss. Love that stuff. Nice amount of shimmer; not too much to interfere with with studio lights. Stays one for a least 2 hours. Just enough time to go live twice and can another!

It was a good look over all. Not cakey at all; lasted the entire day — at least enough to carry through to an early dinner. And felt honestly clean. Now I’m looking for the next look I’ll play with, especially  since my makeup look is dictated by how I wear my hair. I went curly this time, but my winter/holiday segments I’m going all the way straight. Still not used to this short curly do… but that’s another story!

Wash your face, girls. So key in keeping a healthy glow, especially after a day of “heavy” makeup.

Check out the segment here! And the taped will will air on Monday the 10th! If you’re in Atlanta, check it out at 12:30 pm!

Eat well, love unapologetically, pray with true intention, and take care of yourself.

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