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Flanboyant Eats’ Ultimate Foodie Last Minute Christmas Gift Guide 2011, Pt II

I unapologetically mentioned in my last post how classic of a procrastinator I am. I’ve always lived my life that way. I’ve also benefitted from it — work gets done and done fast if I wait until the last minute.

Such is the case yet again in offering my Atlanta peeps some FABULOUS  FOODIE options to gift your friends, neighbors, co-workers (this group, perhaps after the new year), your lawyer, posse and yes, your family. I did some yummy homework for you. Yes, I did. Consider it my gift to you.

If you’re in the Metro area, closer to Midtown, Vinings, Downtown, Decatur, East Atlanta, etc… make your way to Parish Foods & Market. Not just for dinner in the chic Inman Park neighborhood, rather to grab some quick goodies the Market makes on an almost daily basis.

Yes, dinner there is good, but the in-store snackage will make your recipients really happy. This year, they have a plethora of delicious treats that are easy to pick up and stuff in a lovely, yet earthy gift bag. Don’t get too fancy with packaging. Let the delectables shine. Literally.

Most goodies are made fresh, almost every day. All of them are local which is a great way to support our community.

Following are some utter yumminess I tasted for you (and me!) that are bonafide pleasers.

1. Izze Drinks… love me some grapefruit Izze. Other flavors and brands are available like Whynatte and a really good pineapple, apple, ginger bottle juice. 100% juice. 3 ingredients. Boom.  For the Izze, buy a single one or a case of four, which is the cheaper route. One will run $2.

2. Chocolove: I featured this chocolate last year and it left such a great presence, I couldn’t leave it out again. One bar is $3. Totally worth it, especially if you can find the dark choco bar with raspberries.

3. Chocolate Truffles: Not much to say other than YUM! Made in house, pick a few up for $1 a piece. Too cute.

4. Bacon Brittle: Say what!! I attacked this piece of heavenly candy not realizing it was swing! SWOON! I repented as soon as I realized what I was enjoying. No foul, no sin as I had no clue going in! A pack of 3 large pieces,

5. Pumpkin Muffin: Best I’ve ever had. No lie. Not too sweet, perfectly moistened and generous in size. Buy for sure. If not for your gift list, treat yourself. $2.50

6. Vidallia Onion Jam: Locallly made in Fairburn, GA, this spread has some serious kick to it. Spread on everything! $8

7. Pumpkin Latte: Not on the menu, but the kind empoloyees are game for making what ever you’d like. Not too sweet either which makes enjoying with the pumpkin muffin just so perfect. Get a giftcard for drinks. $3.50

8. Banana Walnut Bread: Gasp. Hearty, healthy and robust. Wrapped up for you, this is every bread lover. No butter needed. $3.50

9. Reuben Sandwich: Best I’ve had in Atlanta, hands down. Thick, cheesy and the bread is grilled to perfection. Not necessarily easy to gift, but a great suggestion if you stick a gift card in the stocking. $8.

10. Pink and Green Macaroons: Too cute for words. Doesn’t hurt that they’re tasty, either. Great, great stocking stuffer. Pack of 4, $3.50

Other things not pictured but totally worth considering are the ridiculous Nutter Butter cookie. I can’t even remember what’s in here but goodness, it’s pure sugar! Budge $2.50. The Pecan Sandies are a staple in the Market. Comes in a 3 pack for $2.50.

Visit Parish Market: 240 N. Highland Ave., Atlanta, GA 30307

For the rest of us not in Atlanta, there are some delicious options to treat your list to. Be practical, but share something they’ll talk about next year!

Margaritas & Other Cocktails! You can always buy your lush friends some alcohol and even teach them how to make a good cocktail. With Sauza Blue Agave tequila, I’ve made a blueberry ginger margarita that was drool-worthy and refreshing for days.  If not a margarita, make plenty of other concoctions with the silver liquor.

A pumpkin (clearly, I’m obsessed) butter and ginger harvest drink is also a must and perfect gift. Make an ultra large batch, store in the largest Ball glass jar, tie with a pretty ribbon and say “From Me to You!”

Herbs & Spices: Every good home cook appreciates satchels of fresh herbs and spices, especially those are aromatic and can be doubly used for potpourri or boiling for diffusing cooking odors… Genius! Some appropriate seasonal ones include fresh cinnamon sticks, whole cloves, whole nutmegs, a rosemary plant, lavender,  an oregano plant, allspice and cilantro seeds. Sure there are many more, but these are lovely.

Homemade cookies: No one should ever turn down a batch of homemade cookies (or cake). If you’re into baking, this is a perfect gift of love that won’t cost you tons of money. Take a bit of time and create something that reflects the season. These Jekyll & Hyde cookies and brownies are a good idea. Print and share the recipe, too!

So much more, but we’re on a crunch, right! These options are real and true! Regardless of where you are, all of these are goodies you can pick up from your local artisan shop or bakery. And of course, there’s the option of making treats yourself!

What would you be on your last minute gift guide?? I’d love to know! 


Eat well, love unapologetically, pray with true intention, and take care of yourself.

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66 thoughts on “Flanboyant Eats’ Ultimate Foodie Last Minute Christmas Gift Guide 2011, Pt II

  1. Mmmhhh, everything looks so irresistible! I am now craving all the delicious treats you have presented here.



  2. I love the ideas you’ve suggested here. I’ve actually visited parish for dinner but have never been to the market. Great introduction to what they offer. I wonder if they offer holiday specific treys and gifts. I’m a last minute shopper as well so this helps. It all looks heavenly.

  3. These are some great foodie gift ideas. Makes me wish I was on the other side of the world to come shop. Aka…NorthGa.

  4. I love eating at Parish. They have the best ruebans in town. The trout is also very good. This is a place that is perfect for lunch or dinner.

  5. titi i hope you are bringing me some of these yummy things home. i like the pink round things. do you know how to make them? i like your pictures.

  6. Rosa: they were all good, including the brittle! what a deed!

    Debbie: so glad you’ve been there! it’s one of my fave low-key spots in Atlanta. And, management is so nice.

    Joi: “other side of the world?” where you woman! You have to make it there. Not just for the holidays, but for general, any time satisfaction.

    Helene: Hope you had a lovely Christmas. And that you ate well.

    DuoDishes: Yes! Sure is a croquembouche. Only, it wasn’t edible… the pieces were hard, but the syrup and honey were oozing out all on the bottom! Everything in that place is so good. I imagine LA had plenty of markets like this!

    Mighty Healthy: glad you’ve been able to enjoy Parish, too. Nice ambiance, right. Love the market better. More rustic and down to earth.

    Missy: Yes, honey, I brought you some macaroons. They’re still waiting for you!

  7. I’m drooling over these gift ideas! Never been to Parish so it’s on my list to visit soon. I would so make cookies as a last minute gift. Merry Christmas!

  8. What a great list! I had Parishes Macarons at Field of Greens and they were delish. And, I am all about Reubens. I loved turkey reubens when I could eat meat. Now, I make a veggie-reuben. Not quite the same, but decent sub. 🙂

  9. Everyone should take your advice Bren. Onion jam, bacon brittle…oh Christmas morning here we come!
    Love your photo compilation.
    Wishing you and your family the merriest Christmas!

  10. B, all those options look great. I don’t know a place in MD or DC that offers like that other than that gourmet shop in G’town… the one you used to write for…that brittle looks too good to pass up. Bring more home next time!

  11. Thank you so much for putting my humbly made cookies in your gift guide. Love giving homemade gifts to family and friends. Michael is drooling over the bottle of Sauza. Maybe he’ll get it for Valentine’s day.

  12. Uchi: Thanks!

    Jeanette: demasiada mija. y eso que no inclui todo lo que habia. imaginate.

    Tamara: ooh girlie swirly, you must drive over there. you’ll love the Market. Take a camera and your latpop. Free wifi down there. Hang out all afternoon.

    Chris: Turkey Reubens are too good, too. I swear it’s my favorite sandwich. Muss N Turners makes a pretty good one also. You need to head to that part of town!

    Lori Lynn: The onion jam was a super hit. Tastes great with Manchego cheese! Hope you had a beautiful Christmas, lovely.

    Leslie: Come visit and I’ll take you there!

    Dave P: I’m not sure of one either other than D&D. There is a pretty big Italian join on 17th St. up towards Adams Morgan, on the right side… haven’t been there in years, but they offer every imaginable authentic Italian delicia and more. Love the rice balls there. Oh, and fresh pasta, too! Too good. We should go.

    AJ: You’re very welcome. Thanks for sharing the recipe so I could make them. They have a place in my belly! Homemade gifts are the best b/c they take time, effort and love! Hook M up with some tequila. Every man needs tequila in his life.

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