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Gifts, Finds, Purchases & Whites

I’m so glad spring is here. It means lots of happy things are coming, like birds chirping, enticing cocktails, breezy walks, outdoor trysts, vacays to the beach and sexy clothes. But, this week was pure madness in my crazed world. People upset me, hurt my feelings and challenged my authority. That left me running for retail therapy. Such a cliché, right?! But it’s the true and I make no apologies.

These are some fab finds my mom and I came across while thrifting in DC and Atlanta, a few gifts from a friend, and a few must-haves for spring… there were a few more loveables that made it home with me, but these in particular made me very happy this week! I’m still finding that right vibe I want to go for this season, but I’m loving everything I’m seeing so far, especially whites and neutrals!

1. Thrifted high-waisted skirt for a whopping $2!
2. Gifted Israeli designer octopus ring! LOOOVE this. It’s huge and takes up two fingers.  Funny since my animal of choice is the owl. 
3. Uberlarge vintage leather cognac portfolio clutch. Found this in my office, in an old USPS bin underneath paperwork from 6 years ago. Major score considering I was going to buy either the big Marc Jacobs clutch or another one similar I saw online. 
4. Purchased lace-up oxfords from Aldo. 
5. Vintage glass ball necklace with the baddest panther clasp, ever! And the balls have peach spots on them! Haven’t officially worn it but used it for a photo shoot. 
6. Purchased booties at 5.5″ from Aldo — major happy moment.
7. Vintage crystal earrings my mom found for $5! All pieces are in full tact. Sweeeet. 
8. Entirely too large crystal flower ring I bought at a kiosk in the mall. Lurves it. 

Eat well, love unapologetically, pray with true intention, and take care of yourself.

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18 thoughts on “Gifts, Finds, Purchases & Whites

  1. I don't think many folks understand the power of "retail therapy"! It can be soothing, I've been away for awhile but I actually looked you up because your blogging topics and writings never let me down! 🙂 Thanks for sharing Bren!

  2. me too lades, we just have a bit longer before the weather actually piques into the real deal though. still wearing a scarf and coat to go outside but soon i can join you in the goodness of nylon-less legs!!!!<br /><br />sorry to hear you&#39;ve had a bit of a bummer week, retail therapy sesh looks like a success and hey whatever helps a girl out right? i do it too and no apologies either. love

  3. Great finds! 🙂 thank you for your lovely comment. I don&#39;t know how I got the posts to change colour when you hover over them… :S I think it already did it…. sorry I couldn&#39;t be more helpful<br /><br />Love, Vanilla

  4. LOVE the octopus ring! <br /><br />and retail therapy? – cliche&#39;s are called cliche&#39;s because they are just so true! :)<br /><br />xo denj

  5. Thank you, girls! I&#39;ve not worn the skirt yet, but can&#39;t wait to and will share with you the look when I do. The octopus ring rocks! Wore it today for a photo shoot. And the Aldo booties are fantastic! Haven&#39;t worn them either! <br /><br />Chic &amp; Cheap: I&#39;d love to see those Oscar earrings you mention! <br /><br />Thanks to all the new followers, too! 🙂 much love. xo.

  6. There are few things so bold and enticing as a bronzed beauty in shocking white. Its rather like call of sharp stars on a piercing crisp eve.

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