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How To Wear All White When it’s Super Hot

This heat wave is making me a really irritable young lady. I can’t take it and have set all meetings and appointments for phone calls, alleviating me of having to get dressed for this nasty weather these last two weeks. The thought of bearing 100F and horrid humidity on top of that is reason enough for me to stay in my work-at-home clothes, in my A/C with my laptop warming my thighs.

But that’s just not realistic all the time, so it’s wishful thinking. That just meant that when summer kicked off, I was determined to do lots of white looks. Here and here are two so far. And, I’ve been able to do that every so often and it’s been keeping my irritation level at a minimum. Something about a crisp white looks makes me happy! Plus, If I’m going to be hot, I might as well rock something colors and materials that will help keep the airflow going.

While you might think that hat traps heat in my head, it’s light enough to keep my head cool and offers some shade after the shades come off.

In keeping my with love affair with whites, I wore this a couple of months ago, right when summer spring was ending and summer made it’s bright entrance. After shooting a music video for a hip-hop group in 102F, I freshened up a bit, changed my top and threw on a splash of color.

By the end of the day, I was blazing, super hot, sweaty and ready to wash my face of all the fab make-up I had done twice.

Gotta love being in entertainment. I hope you enjoy the different looks I gave the shots… There were so many elements to the look that I wanted to play around with highlighting them individually.

Banana Republic linen cargo pants

Gap tank

Via Spiga shoes

B. Makowsky bag

Vintage glass bracelets and lucite cuffs

Vintage Christian Dior sunglasses

 C.B. Herrera necklaces

Banana Republic fedora. 

(Photography by Will Willis Photos. Makeup by Shalawn Willis for Lamik Beaty)

Eat well, love unapologetically, pray with true intention, and take care of yourself.

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29 thoughts on “How To Wear All White When it’s Super Hot

  1. Love it all! The white, with the gold, the hair and the sunglasses, the hat, the bag. Yup – that's all of it. Very summer chic 🙂

  2. So effortless… And beautiful! Love ur pics and poses… Especially love the bag! Haha

  3. Thanks all you fabulous ladies!! Appreciate the love. Though I took these shots back in May, I still enjoy the look. And, I'm still rocking white! Smooches!

  4. Bren, Simply Gorgeous. Your a very Gorgeous woman. Good luck on every event you partake. I am a BIG fan. Love the shots. Keep up the great work.<br /><br />Tye

  5. Bren, Simply Gorgeous. Your a very Gorgeous woman. Good luck on every event you partake. I am a BIG fan. Love the shots. Keep up the great work.<br /><br />Tye

  6. Christina: hahaha. i get that ALLL the time! I&#39;ve been stopped in the most random and celeb-studded events asking me for an autograph thinking I was her! lol. she is a cute girl, so I&#39;ll take it! 🙂 Thanks! xo

  7. What&#39;s your advice for some of us who are scared to rock white? Especially white pants! It&#39;s summertime, so like you said, we might as well capitalize on weather-comfortable looks!

  8. Bren, you just pull out all the punches and knock me right off my feet every-time i visit! if you&#39;re irritable you sure don&#39;t show it here, relaxed, lovely and ever so chic! happy weekend. ♥

  9. YOu look so wonderfully chic and sleek in this white ensemble! I wish I could stay so spotless in such a number! I inevitably spill red wine on myself whenever I&#39;m wearing white!

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