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What’s in my Purse {and Yours?}

The fabulous bag in NY a few weeks ago for the Today show appearance. Via my IG.
I already know I carry too much. I’m the quintessential bag lady. I have a bag for everything. Literally. As much as I’ve tried in true earnest to scale down, it just doesn’t happen. I’m not talking about just scaling back on the number of bags I own, but also the number of bags I have in my main bag. 
I swear I have a good reason, though. Travel! With all the traveling I do, I have to carry a big carry-all which fits everything I may need for a day’s work. The trouble of switching bags when I’m back and forth is too much so I end up with the same bag for a while. 
And this fabulous blue one has been it this summer. My lovely prized possession for everything. It’s become my home away from home. It fits everything! Can’t you tell!?! ¡Todo! Demasiado! Too much acclaim, I first showed it off here
But I have a method to this madness. It’s all organized, you see. 
A black makeup bag featured in this post, holds all of my daily (and short travel trips) makeup. I’ve wavered from these prods few times. I’ve edited them down to ensure I have something for any occasion. Glosses are must so I’ve been hooked on L’Oreal’s new ‘orange tempo‘, Artistry Beauty’s, one by Smashbox you can’t see cuz it’s in the bag, a nude one from Aerin‘s new fall collection and a bright pink crayon by NYC in ‘bathroom blush’. What you can’t see in the bag are my matte lipsticks. My EL pure envy and Laura Mercier caviar.’ Those are my go-tos. 
And then mascara (I alternate between L’Oreal’s butterfly, Smashbox and Lancome‘s oscillation) and my two must-have eyeliners by Smashbox (have you tried them!??! Heavenly! especially that French Navy). I’m finally getting used to and love the idea of not leaving home without eye correctors… a long day will do it to you! Shiseido‘s sheer eye zone corrector is my pal these days. Keeps me looking super vibrant when I’m really yawning inside. 
Lip balm, powder, blush, and a few more lipstick options. It’s a lot! 
That black bag is literally splitting at the seams.
But then there’s the blue smaller catch-all bag which is for my essentials: floss, hand sanitizer, Neosporin, tweezers, nail polish — I’m notorious for doing my nails on my way to church and Lancome’s grayish color is perfect for any fete — hand lotion — loving on that L’Occitane Vitora Regia tube — and the Les Couvent des Minimis Gardner’s Hand Health (I keep that in a real small exterior pocket for quick access). And a super cute fresh breath spray saying ‘Hello!’ — you know… garlic fries or lots of espresso will do it to you. My vintage pill box stays there, too, for those pounding headaches that just creep up on me.
I don’t move about without that little blue bag. It has spare battery for my iPhone… and cables of course. A charger for the car in case I end up in someone else’s ride… that happens a lot, you know. A threading kit is essential (scoop them up at your next hotel stay!) for those wardrobe malfunctions. A sharpie! Who knows what for! And I always carry a simple barrette and two-three sample bottles of Jo Malone perfume. Again, you never where you’ll end up! 
Oh, and the tea is just because. I restock after every trip. Some hotels don’t have teas in the room and I like drinking a cup before I got to bed. 
Everything else just gets thrown in the bag! The iPad, the iPhone, hair emollient, mini SPF moisturizer (Artistry makes the best travel size everything  I can take anywhere and it actually works. I always carry a journal with me.  I find inspiration in just about anything I see, anyone I talk to, or even during a quiet moment at the stop light. I have to pen my thoughts. They could turn into something big! I just need a fabulous pen to match! Any suggestions? This is my latest journal find and I’m totally in love with it. It’s so me. It speaks my mind when I don’t have words.
And my latest addition to the big blue bag? A lovely beaded bag I’m using as my wallet… so much more chic than a traditional wallet with lots of slits in it! 
So, that’s it! In a nutshell (or not!) that’s what’s in my bag! 
Okay your turn! What’s in your bag? 

Eat well, love unapologetically, pray with true intention, and take care of yourself.

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33 thoughts on “What’s in my Purse {and Yours?}

  1. I'd like to go through that sexy bag and check out all your fabulous makeup!!!! LOL Thanks for sharing the pics! My coach bag has lots of pockets. I've got mac lip gloss & tarte blush, a charger & iphone, a snake skin Coach wallet (which aside from the usual has two dollar bills that say "good luck" that came with some change and now have to stay in my bag forever),

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