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#FLANFRIDAYS: The "Eat & Tweet" v. 3 D.C. Edition

It’s Friday and you know what that means here on Flanboyant Eats! #FLANFRIDAYS!

It’s been two weeks since I’ve posted a flan picture or recipe due to month-longth traveling with the family. But, I’m back and so is the weekly dessert post.

Today’s Twitter-based trend is robust and abundant in flavors, textures and aromas. The biggest one yet, actually! Why?

Well, right before I went to Hawai’i, I hosted my monthly “Eat & Tweet” food event; this time in D.C.! I didn’t have time to pull off my October event in Atlanta, so it made perfect sense to introduce it in my hometown. Since it was almost a very last minute decision to entertain at home, it was a no brainer to make the “Eat & Tweet” a flan themed one. After all, that’s what the Atlanta soiree was going to be.  So, why not invite my D.C/Va Tweeps to enjoy in the velvety cream dessert?

And why not throw in a demo!?

Unlike my other “Eat & Tweet” events, this one was all about flan and only flan. A complete sugar rush. I committed to enticing my friends with 5 flavors which meant  leaving my mother’s kitchen filled with an intoxicating caramel scent late into the evening.

That beautiful Sunday morning started with whipping out multiple pressure cookers and organizing all of the varying ingredients. My mother quickly got to exercising her authority in her cocina by directing and delegating the few of us in the house.

Dad was asked to pick up lovely purple and yellow pansies to brighten up the backyard.

The tasting was al fresco and my parent’s backyard is designed perfectly for casual entertainment. All I needed was a  portable gas stove top for the demo and naturally mami had one (for our camping trips). As soon as I got 3 flans going, I went to the backyard and set up the scene.

I wanted it to be relaxed, yet exciting and welcoming.


To help balance all the flan, I thought sangria would be a great fit. Was it good? Absolutely. Should I have offered something else? Absolutely! Sangria, as delicious and refreshing as it is, is also sweet. I’m now thinking a dry red wine would have sufficed.

But no one complained and the glass punch bowl was quickly emptied!

I did have an assortment of  artisan cheeses and crackers to offer a salty taste.

After demonstrating how to make flan, sipping on the red and nibbling, we finally dug into the flans and started tweeting about it.

This is what we enjoyed!

SALTED CARAMEL and CUBAN ESPRESSO, both of which have been previously featured in #FlanFridays here and here.


And, LEMON ALMOND, the ultimate summer flavor. This one happens to be one of my favorites. The zest from the lemon, coupled with microscopic pieces of shaved almond in the middle, make it an unparalleled treat during hot summer days. Yes, fall had already begun, but a reprise never hurts. Especially when it involves cream, caramel and citrus!

For this particular flavor recipe and video demo, click here.

Of the five flavors, toasted coconut was the winner, hands down! An entire flan that yields 8 generous slices, was the subject of negotiations on who would enjoy the last slice. I’ll save that uber delicious creation for another installment of #FLANFRIDAYS!

That leaves one more: Frangelico! My, my, what an absolute smooth experience, both in palate and aroma. Yes, Imma save that for another #FLANFRIDAY, too.

The evening ended up in the kitchen, as much as I tried to avoid that for my mother’s sake. But in a Cuban home, everything starts and finishes in there. It’s written that way.

We all had a fabulous time, enjoyed the tasting, the sangria and I was most pleased with not having a single slither of flan left to put away.

Atlanta! Are you ready for your turn? “Eat & Tweet” v.3 the Flan Experience is this Thursday. If you’re not on the invite list, get on it! You don’t want to miss all this yumminess, do you?



Eat well, love unapologetically, pray with true intention, and take care of yourself.

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46 thoughts on “#FLANFRIDAYS: The "Eat & Tweet" v. 3 D.C. Edition

  1. Gee…I am so mad I couldnt make this event but you can rest assured that I will not miss another one in the Washington Metropolitan Area again. Keep doing you Bren.

  2. When is Eat & Tweet comin to NYC? This look beyond amazing. I am salivating over all these different flan flavors and can’t wait for you to share the coconut one – my favorite ingredient of all time. Rock on girlfriend 🙂

  3. I’ve never really had flan before, at least not good flan. All of them sound divine, I most want to know about the Frangelico though. Sounds awesome for the holidays.

  4. omg take that pic of me down right now.. i can’t even find the proper word for what i look like… oh em gee..

    all other pics are great and what a fun event it was.. great flan, great locale, and great company!!

    p.s. seriously.. erase me..

  5. bueno esos flanes se ven delicioso espero que todo te quedo muy bonito como siempre y a comer flan

  6. Is that your mom? She is gorgeous, just like you! Well hubby would so give me s*** over this post, since I fail to make him his beloved custard desserts often enough! He might even say his fantasy would be…a few women having a cat fight in a rather large vat filled with…lol, I will leave it alone…I would love to attend one of your events!

  7. Dawn: You were *virtually* there, cuz! It was great as you can imagine, so yeah, next time I host in in DC (prob, Dec.), I’ll let you know!

    Eliana: Been thinking about it! How fabulous would that be!

    Carrie: The Frangelico was off the chain–in a really subtle way. Fantastic combo of flavors. I’ll make sure to let you know when I post that one.

    Joan: Silently working on that! 🙂 And then you’ll def. be able to order some.

    Lil B: You just told on yourself! No one had to know it was you. Notice I didn’t label the pics! 🙂 Glad you enjoyed, sis!

    Carmen: Flan pa’ todo el mundo! Que delicioso verdad!

    Chef E: Ha. No, that’s my dad’s sister. So, a great compliment to my mom whom is old enough to be her mother! I’d love for you to enjoy some of my flan. I think you’re hubby would love you for even taking time to eat and enjoy it for yourself, don’t you think!!? 🙂

  8. Sorry I missed this one but not the ones to come.. Girl, you are booming, love the way you present everything. Suerte!!

  9. I had a blast! Good flan and good conversation…oh don’t forget the dominoes…da da da da da hey!

  10. Wow! I missed it. Salted Caramel is my favorite. Wish I was there. Looks like you guys had a lot of fun.

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