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Grammy Winner Anthony Hamilton is Just So Cool!

I really do love what I do. I say this often because I’m truly blessed to have a family and few friends that support me unconditionally. Even when times are tough, they bat for me.

I get to interview artists, and sometimes establish a personal relationship with them. My most recent girl foolish moment was when I had the chance to interview Grammy-winner Anthony Hamilton. At time of press of the following interview, he’d not won yet, so we congratulate him now!

He’s one of coolest guys I’ve interviewed, so much that I’ve offered to drive all the way up to Charlotte to cook for him! YUP, I’m flirting, but it’s all good. I think his wife wouldn’t mind benefiting from a free meal either!

**Originally published on 2/03/09**

If I ever fired my two best guy friends, I think I’d get over it pretty quickly if Anthony Hamilton and I hit it off! I know it sounds insensitive, but with a man as mellow in real life and prolific as his words in song imply, any gal would relish the opportunity to live the “cool” life. If you keep up with soul music, you know who Anthony Hamilton is. You know what his “soultry” voice sounds like. And you undeniably don him the crooner of real heart felt tunes. I had the opportunity to chat with Hamilton right before his 3rd studio album, The Point of it All, was released. He had a lot to say about his personal and musical growth.

Nu-Soul (BH): Let’s talk about your title song “Cool”. Love it. So simple with a big message. Tell me what makes Anthony Hamilton so cool.

AH: I think what makes me cool is that I’m comfortable in any setting. I fit in every genre, every hood, every suburb. I can connect with anybody in the world. I care enough about people to put myself on the line to make sure they’re okay.

Nu-Soul (BH): Is there anything significant that has happened in the last 3 years that sums up your new album?

AH: Survival! The point of it all is now. Love has brought me this far. I’ve survived in my new manhood and that travels with me everywhere I go. It makes me better.

Nu-Soul (BH): How’d you make the transition from country boy life to big label star?

AH: I’m just in a better place. I understand life, love and relationships so much better. I know now that sometimes, things just aren’t meant to work out. I can make better decisions. I left the Anthony Hamilton that people knew years ago, alone. I allowed the guy that got me to Uptown to continue to be. That’s very real.

Nu-Soul(BH): You’re internationally known for that soulful, raspy voice. Are there any other genres you’re playing with that will give your fans another side of Anthony.

AH: Well I’m not afraid of growth. I dove into some country music a few years ago and tried to do some musical stuff with some buddies. And I’m currently working on a variety of collaborations. The Rolling Stones are folks I’m definitely tackling next.

Nu-Soul(BH): What should a new fan expect to see when they go to your show?

AH: Me getting down and dancing. I love to converse and hug the crowd. Kissing babies is always special. I dance with the full figured women! I bring it to the table. Lots of energy and passion.

Nu-Soul(BH): What’s your favorite song on your new album?

AH: “I Did it For Sho”. It’s about being in a relationship.

Nu-Soul(BH): Let’s talk about “Souls on Fire”. I really like that song. Musically, it’s different from your prototype. From your perspective, what does this song say?
What’s the message?

AH: The spirit is the most important part about a person’s make up. So day to day, people battle with trying to keep their head above water. Pride gets in the way. So pretty much, I’m saying if your soul’s on fire and passionate about something then you should be around people that love and support you.

Nu-Soul (BH): What’s your next project. What’s on your mind?

AH: Movies! Getting into movies. The label I’m on is working on a concept now and I’m lining up with some artists. My back up singer is also working on it with me. I’m taking acting classes now, but I think I have natural talent!

Nu-Soul(BH): Tell me two things no one knows about you. Something that’s not reflected in any of your music.

AH: I’m very, very spontaneous! I’m an outgoing person and even though you hear a lot of emotion in my albums, I don’t let a lot bother me. I honestly have a high level of patience and tolerance. I have a great ability to love others as much as I love myself.

Nu-Soul(BH): We’re experiencing a recession right now. What are you doing to stay recession proof?

AH: Live smart! Buy small. Live the best out of those cheap moments. Stay home and chill!

Nu-Soul (BH): Yup! That’s exactly what you sang in Cool! (laughing). When do go back on tour?

AH: Well we just finished our first leg, which went really well. We’ll get back out in a little bit.


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2 thoughts on “Grammy Winner Anthony Hamilton is Just So Cool!

  1. Cool what a great blog post. Im sure his wife would have loved a homecooked meal from you. Maybe she would even let you kiss her man for that!!

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