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Ep 1: Welcome to Live! at the Hive. I’m Bren Herrera.

Welcome to the first episode of Live! At the Hive, my new culture and lifestyle podcast. In this episode, I take the time to introduce the show, its concept and why I decided to launch a podcast at this time.



I introduce myself and share a pigeon’s eye view to my work as an entrepreneur, TV/media personality, chef, author and activist. If you visit my lifestyle website, HouseofBren.com –  you’ll see more of my work and what makes up my day-to-day in food, travel, fitness and social advocacy.

You’ll also hear briefly about how and why I started appearing on national, political TV shows, discussing and fighting for things I cares about, such as women’s rights, children’s rights, food access and equality and more; and how my passion for those important causes have led to use my platform to further the conversation and represent people like me, specifically black and brown women, immigrants, and those whom are disenfranchised; but also inspire you to be better versions of yourself, while having impact in your communities.


Segments Description

I run down the different segments of the show and also shares a positive thought that helps set the tone for the episode. I go into the specific segments like Soapboxing, Culture Hub, B’s Blessings, etc. (see below for details)

You’ll get a sneak peak into my childhood experience in the outskirts of Washington, D.C.

As an afro-Latina girl and woman where my family and I have seen the inequalities and an unfair spew towards them. I recount a specific scenario at the Macy’s in Tysons Corner, VA

I talk about coming into myself as an artist while I lived in Atlanta, giving kudos to my friend Isaac Hayes, III, who likes to say “Atlanta Made Me”. In that, my point is introduce you to my show (and song) producer (and songwriter), Eddie Valoy, and how our creative process brought me to these segments.

B’s Wishlist

I talk about my wish list and how I’ll use that time offer comedic relief to hash out things I wish for – silly, serious, but all relevant. I suggest the Redskins get rid of Dan Snyder! An interjection here to introduce the kinds of conversations that will happen under the Culture Hub like racist names like the Washington Redskins, the Atlanta Braves, etc…


Breaks down how my guests and I will battle out issues and matter that affect our current state of affairs. In doing so, I pay homage to the late and great Congressman Elijah Cummings from Baltimore, MD. and how the Trump/Ukraine impeachment process, now spearheaded by Nancy Pelosi will continue without him.

Does Elon Musk get unilateral license to decide how Americans and others will be affected by 5G coming to America.

Culture Hub

This is the segment in where I and my guest(s) will talk about things that affect the culture  — the human culture – not just Black or  Brown. I offer a quick shout to actor and activist Jesse Williams whom I met at the 20th anniversary gala for The Advancement Project.

Final Thoughts

I end the show with a mental charge to help us be better people in our home and communities. I finally talk about why music plays a big role in my life and how eventually I bring on musical guests during the LIVE! episodes.

Final Word

A quote I read from Mika and Joe Scarborough’s wedding:

 “As you get older and older you value your brothers and your sisters more and more… for they are the people who will be there with you when you go through difficulties. They are the ones  who you will cry with at difficult times. Go out there and create wonderful memories because one day that is all you will have — the memories.” Elijah D. Cummings.

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Remembering Elijah Cummings


Host: Bren Herrera

Executive Producer: Bren Herrera

Segment Producer: Bren Herrera and Eddie Valoy

Engineer: Tyrone Littman

Editing: Tyrone Littman 

Music + Lyrics: Eddie Valoy and Bren Herrera

Cover Photography: Audrey Wong

Art Design: James Long 

Eat well, love unapologetically, pray with true intention, and take care of yourself.

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